Historical Romance Sample

“You alright?” He looked worried and if I looked anything like I felt, I didn’t blame him.

I shook my head slightly and reached up grabbing his arm. I tried to pull myself up but Brutus pushed me back down shaking his head. He looked up past me for something then back down at me as the woman pressed a wad of cloth against my shoulder, causing ribbons of pain to shoot through my body. I gritted my teeth and growled at the pain, trying not to close my eyes in fear that I wouldn’t be able to open them back.

“We won,” he said smiling. “You did a damn good job, Laird.”

Laird. That more than sounded good. Now all I had to do was survive long enough to something with that title. They needed to get me back to my house where I could be tended to by my sisters and the clan doctor. There was so much to be done and we needed to protect the property while Alistair was reaming from the brutal loss. I looked over at the woman who I realized quickly was absolutely gorgeous with her blonde hair, hazel eyes, and freckles peppering her nose. However, as I scanned her, I was a bit confused by what she was wearing. She a had a brightly colored jacket on that looked to be made of some strange material that water didn’t touch. Underneath she wore a shirt of flowing material with short sleeves and some sort of picture sewn on the front of it. And on the bottom, well she was wearing long underwear and expensive boots made of a strange leather. Why was she dressed like that? How did she get here and why was she with my group of men?

I reached out and grabbed her arm, stopping her for a moment. She looked up at me with her green eyes and I could feel a knot in my stomach. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She patted my hand and smiled comfortingly as she wiped the blood from the scratches on my legs. She shook her head looking at the sopping cloth on my shoulder and ripped the material of her shirt, exposing her belly. I tried not to look, as a woman did not show skin like that, even in the midst of battle, but her soft curves and strong build was sensual in ways I had never thought of someone before. She took the ribbon of cloth and tied it around the cloth on my shoulder applying pressure but also applying extreme amounts of pain.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I need to stop the bleeding.”

“Thank you,” I said taking her hand. We stared at each other for a few moments before Brutus came back into view, grabbing my legs while someone else lifted me from under the arms. I winced as they moved my injury and place me on a cloth gurney and hoisted me into the air. I looked up at the gray sky as small droplets of rain hit my face, washing away the dirt and soil from my cheeks. They carried me gently but moved quickly to the camp where they put me in the back of a trailer, helped the woman onto the back, and moved me toward the house.

“Ye name,” I said with a strain, staring up at the woman as we moved along the bumpy pass.

“Melanie,” she said looking around as if she had never seen Scotland before.

She was a strange woman with the oddest looking clothes, but at that moment I didn’t care because she was saving my life. We rode along in silence, her hand placed firmly on my chest. I could feel her soft skin against my warm body and I couldn’t help but to immediately feel possessive over the woman. I had so many questions for her but I knew it had to wait until I was better, or at least not bleeding to death. When we reached the house she was helped down by Brutus, who then turned to me picked me up in his giant arms, running me into the house. I could see my sisters standing to the side with fear in their eyes as I was rushed into the medical room and laid on the hard table.

“He was stabbed in the back and it looks to have gone straight through,” Brutus explained. “If it weren’t fer this lady, he’d be dead by now.”

The doctor came over and lifted the clothes from my shoulder and I could feel as fresh warm blood spilled out underneath me. He poked and prodded at the wound and I tried to keep my anger at bay but it was extremely painful. When he was done examining he shook his head up and down and looked to Melanie.

“I’ll need your assistance,” the doctor stated. Melanie shook her head, yes, looking completely out of place.

“I’m going to give you some tincture,” the doctor said looking down at me. “It’s going to put you to sleep. Don’t fight it. Trust me you don’t want to be awake for this.”

I nodded my head and looked over at Melanie as the doctor mixed some powders in water and turned back to me. She helped lift me up to a sitting position, supporting my arm at the elbow to keep the pressure off my shoulder. The doc put the liquid up to my lips. At first, it didn’t want to go down, the bitter taste disagreeing with my senses, but as a calm started rushing over me, I opened up and drank the cup of it. Instantly my body began to ease and I laid my head down on the pillow Melanie had placed under my head. I looked over at her as the tincture began to take effect, watching her kind face and warm eyes as I drifted off to sleep.

In my dreams I was back on the battlefield, only there was no battle, only bodies. I looked over in the deep breeze and saw Melanie standing there dressed in the colors of my clan and holding my sister’s hands. I turned and walked over to them, looking down at each my kin’s faces and then up at Melanie’s. She was different than when I was awake but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. As my sisters ran off laughing she reached out and gently took my hand, walking along the bodies with me as if it were natural. I looked down at our hands and realized we were wearing matching rings and suddenly her clan colored dress quickly turned into a white wedding gown.

There was a feeling of elation surging through me as I looked at my beautiful bride. I looked up to find the Elders standing in front of us nodding in approval. We climbed the hill and looked back at the castle on the cliffs, turning toward each other and embracing. As I leaned my face in to kiss her lips, she disappeared from my grasp with a flash of light. I looked all around me but she was gone, and where bodies once laid was nothing but darkness. The smell of rotting flesh filled my nostrils as I began to run forward, looking for my bride and my home. Running through the darkness I couldn’t see where my feet were stepping but as the light came back I stopped suddenly, almost running right off the cliffs.

I turned around and faced Alastair who was standing behind me laughing hysterically. I gritted my teeth and reached for him, losing my balance and teetering on the edge of the cliff. Alastair looked over the edge and then back at me before smiling evilly and pressing his finger into my wound, sending me spiraling backward toward the rocky shores below. Just before I hit the ground in my dream, I woke up sweating and breathing heavily. The doctor rushed to my side and wiped my skin with a wet rag.

“Shhh,” he said, checking my wounds. “You’ll need to rest. We seemed to be successful in repairing your shoulder but you don’t want to go and mess it up any more than you already have. You did good yesterday. Now you need to get better so you continue that path of goodness.”

“Melanie,” I grunted.

“She’s been escorted to the guest room,” he said smiling. “She saved your life. Strange girl doesn’t talk much at all, but she knew how to heel you better than some surgeons I’ve met in my travels. Be thankful that she was there.”

Thankful wasn’t the only thing I was, I was also extremely curious about this strange girl that seemed to have just appeared out of thin air.